The Topmemory Team

Topmemory is a support and information initiative designed and directed by Doctor Massimo Veneziano, created to meet the increasing questions on the important topics connected to memory, its preservation over time, and to dementia which is involving more and more people.

Topmemory aims at diffusing as much as possible the importance of the cognitive primary prevention addressing to everyone, including students and companies, both as a means to improve and increase the cognitive potential and to protect from the pathological and physiological cognitive decline.

Topmemory helps you in the primary prevention by strengthening you cognitive experience thanks to the MemoFit courses with an increasing difficulty that have been scientifically tested.

Our mission also implies to inform on the good practices concerning non pharmacological treatments, for those already affected by a cognitive decline, slowing down the evolution of the disease.

Topmemory offers people that have already evidenced a subjective loss of memory or have been diagnosed any form of dementia ad hoc cognitive stimulation programs to maintain the residual abilities and strengthen the most lacking ones, with the specific MemoFit – Cognitive Stimulation courses, both individual and collective.

Topmemory supports the family and operators taking care of patients filling a gap in the public service with Dementia Counseling, a complete course that helps you to learn some innovative care techniques that have been scientifically proven and that will allow relatives to manage at best the problems connected to the nursing of people suffering from dementia and the management of the stress implied in this type of care.

Doctor Massimo Veneziano

Dr Massimo Veneziano, considered one of the greatest expert in the field of dementia, responsible of the Neuropsychological Diagnostics, Psychogeriatrics and Dementia Counselling of the Centre for Cognitive Disorders and Dementia (CDCD) of the Geriatric Care, Orthogeriatrics and Rehabilitation of Galliera Hospital in Genoa (Italy) is currently working at the Mental Health Department at ASL3 in Genoa managing the service for the Cognitive Disorders and Psychogeriatrics and Clinical Psychology surgeries.

He has been the scientific responsible of an Alzheimer special team for years, he could successfully apply his innovative ideas on the management of patients suffering from dementia in an advanced phase.

He was among the first in Italy to deal with the families of those suffering from dementia, introducing the family support, Dementia Counseling, among the services delivered by the public service. 

For his professional competences and the experience acquired in the prevention field, in 2011 he became the scientific point of reference with organisational tasks for Regione Liguria of the European social-health project connected to the cognitive primary prevention called “Memory Training (course of memory training for cognitively unimpaired people).

His scientific and organizational protocol allowed the project to become the most appreciated intervention of cognitive primary prevention by European Commissioners.


Grazia Casartello
Public Relations

Grazia Casartello, expert in Public Relations, client management, import export in various fields, from the fashion to the automotive sector.
Since 2000 she has been attending training courses dedicated to the psychophysical wellness and she continuously keeps herself updated on energetic therapy techniques. She opens a wellness centre where she combines physiotherapic and osteopathic activities to holistic therapies and spiritual paths.
In 2016 she joined the Topmemory® team.®

Cinzia Valentini

Doctor Cinzia Valentini graduated in Clinical Psychology and specialised in Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapy.
Beside individual psychotherapy and psychological advice she has always devoted herself to teaching.
Since 2013 she has been a certified Memory Trainer within the project of Regione Liguria “Memory Training” coordinated by Doctor Massimo Veneziano.

Erika Casi

Doctor Erika Casi graduated in psychology at the University of Pavia and completed her internship at the Centre for Cognitive Neuropsychology of ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda in Milan, working with professionals in the field of the diagnosis of cognitive disorders, the Alzheimer’s disease and the connected rehabilitation treatments. She is part of the Working Group for
“Psychogeriatrics / Neuropsychology” at the Association of Psychologists of Liguria, coordinated by Doctor Massimo Veneziano. 
In 2019 she joined the Topmemory® team as Memory Trainer.

Marie Victoria Giannelli International Relationships

Doctor Marie Victoria Giannelli, associate professor at DiSEM – Endocrinological and Metabolic Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Genoa, graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures (specialising in English) and in Clinical and Community Psychology.
Trained in the neuropsychological, rehabilitative and geriatric sectors both in Italy and abroad, she has acquired, in the course of her career, a unique experience in the field of geriatrics and dementiae, like the Alzheimer’s disease.
She is member of the most important scientific associations.

Join our team

This course is addressed to those who want to join the Team TopMemory and are looking for an innovative, enriching and stimulating job opportunity, to be performed on their own territory.

Candidates must have obtained a degree or acquired experience in the neurosciences sector and in the psychological field.

Two levels have been designed, each structured on two weekends during which theoretical and practical lessons will be delivered.