Wellness Weekend and Weekly Course.
Health and relax for both mind and body

AMO Armoniosa MentecorpO

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The AMO ArmoniosaMentecorpO course was designed to regenerate the pshychophysical harmony. Choose between the “Wellness Weekend” or the “Weekly Course”, in the enchanted scenery of Golfo Paradiso in Recco-Camogli.

Thanks to the innovative techniques of Doctor Veneziano and to his innovative MemoFit course, you will be able to strengthen your memory, keeping your brain healthy and taking care of both the spirit and the body with stimulating holistic therapies meant to reach an energetic balance, performed by Doctor and Professional Shiatsu Operator  Sonia Piaggio.


At the Sandra Recco Centre
Piazza San Giovanni Bono 16/12, 16036 Recco, Genoa

At the Topmemory Centre
Viale Brigata Bisagno 2/38, 16129, Genoa


Starting date for the Weekly Course – (9 lessons)

Recco 15 September 2020 h 6pm – Free First Lesson

Genova 17 September 2020 h 7.30pm – Free First Lesson

Upcoming scheduled Weekend dates 

20-21 april

Ou can register on line
or by contacting

+39 010 777 62 81
+39 0185 720790


Facilities with which AMO has an agreement for the stay:

Agriturismo Villa Carmelina, Via Verzemma 33 Recco, Genova.
+39 3484405791
Hotel La Villa Manuelina, Via Roma 296 Recco, Genova
+39 0185 74128 / 0185 720779
B&B I Glicini, Via San Lorenzo
Avegno, Genova
+39 340 799 9837


The program may vary based on the participants’ needs. Such variations, if any, will be communicated in the events section of our Facebook page.

Attendance certificate

At the end of the course all the participants will receive an attendance certificate.





8.30-10.00 AWAKENING
Practices for the energetic balance, stretchingzen and relax.
MEMOFIT®: neuroplasticity principles. Practical exercises of cognitive training.

Lunch break.

Theoretical and practical experience on the pairs of elements.
Relax and sharing.


Dynamic meditation of the path of the Mount of Portofino (sun salutation).
MEMOFIT®: practical exercises of cognitive training.

Lunch break.

ELEMENTS: Meridians and practice to stimulate them.

CLOSING. The participants will be given a certificate.

AMO Basic – Weekly Course (9 lessons)

MemoFit Amo: Theoretical – explanatory section

  • rationale of the MemoFit® course (primary prevention, cognitive primary prevention)
  • active and healthy ageing
  • the neuroplasticity principle
  • basic information on how brain and memory work
  • scientific information on how to keep your brain healthy and efficient

MemoFit Amo: Practical/operational section

  • sensorial exercises
  • attention exercises
  • concentration exercises
  • reactivity exercises
  • exercises of logic and creative association
  • mnemotechnique exercises
  • language exercises
  • reasoning exercises
  • guided visualisation and association exercises
  • number of exercises
  • exercises with an increasing difficulty (from easy to average level)

Yoga: practice and exercises

  • practice of Asanas (exercises)
  • practice of Pranayama (breathing)
  • relaxing

Yoga makes us of practices and exercises for the physical and spiritual body in order to strengthen both. When practicing Yoga, the attention is focused on listening to body and breathing setting our concentration on the here and now, in order to free the mind from distractions and help reach the union with a greater energy, rich in nourishment and new ideas. Through the exercises, we will obtain an improvement of the function of muscles, tendons, organs, apparatuses and tissues: our physiological system will better eliminate toxins, pollutants, tensions, elements that are dangerous for our health.


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MemoFit® is the course that helps you improve your memory and cognitive performance.

MemoFit® is scientifically tested and guaranteed. Through the training performed thanks to.

You can carry out a critical activity of cognitive prevention that helps fighting dementia..