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Dementia Counseling Course

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Dementia Counseling DC is an individual or collective course, designed on purpose for the people taking care of an Alzheimer’s disease patient (Caregivers) dealing with all the issues connected with such a disease.

An innovative program that will allow the participants to better understand the disease, to learn the best caring strategies and to cope with the psychological fatigue the relative is often victim of, feeling no longer alonesolo.

An indispensable support that will help you to better take care of your relative.


a series of meetings meant for the relative, the whole family, a relative with the social health worker taking care of the patient.

maximum number of participants: 15.


Topmemory headquarters or at the Caregiver’s.

Topmemory headquarters in Genoa in, Viale Brigata Bisagno, 2/38 or other location.


Provided by the Topmemory® management.


See detail of Group DC It can be customised based on the family needs.


6 meetings, 1 hour each on a weekly basis.

8 meetings, 1 hour each on a weekly basis.


At the end of the course you will receive a handbook.


At the end of the course all the participants will receive
an attendance certificate.


Lesson 1: Introduction of the attending members of the family and evaluation of the support burden through a specific validated test -Introduction of the course and of the topics to be discussed.

Lesson 2: Epidemiology and ageing – State of the art and scientific information on the Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia (prodroms, early signs, cognitive, functional and behavioural symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, physiopathological evolution, support).

Lesson 3: Post diagnosis: what, when and where to perform it (a day centre, the Alzheimer core, the cognitive stimulation) – the family’s needs – the support tutor.

Lesson 4: Caregiving: assisting the person suffering from dementia –awareness of the disease – the costs of assistance – the phases of caregiving –the assistance burden, the psychological and physical stress and its pathogenic effects on the Caregiver’s health.


Lesson 5: The relationship with the member of the family – the communication in the various phases of the disease – how to handle the most critical situations – domotics and organisation of the house – nutrition and physical exercises.

Lesson 6: Lesson 6 How to handle the psychological and behavioural reactions of the patients (from the apathetic to the psychotic symptoms).

Lesson 7: Physical and psychological fatigue of the caregiver – the involved emotions. psychological support and strategies to protect from the assistance burn-out..

Lesson 8: Daily assistance protocol – final evaluation of the assistance burden of participants – efficiency evaluation – salutations.


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