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Dementia Counseling

Dr Massimo Veneziano will put at your disposal his competences along with his twenty-year long experience in the field of the support to families, being the first in Italy to create a public service recognised by the National Health System ad hoc for families and called Dementia Counseling (DC).

The scientific literature proves, without any doubt, the importance of the support to families. The programs of Dementia Counselling lead to remarkable improvements in various support field going from the daily management of the patient as well as of psycho-behavioural disorders that we know represent the source of greatest discomfort and suffering in the family.

This section contains useful information and updatings on the treatments and the non-pharmacological therapies to cure the various forms of dementia, scientific papers, news and novelties from the most important scientific meetings and congresses held in Italy and all over the world.

The Caregivers

The support to the people suffering from this neuro-degenerative disease is mainly ensured by relatives (sons, partners, relatives).

People who take care of their relatives since the early phases of their disease are called “informal caregivers”.

Informal caregivers differentiate from the so called “formal caregivers” that represent, instead, all those who, though not being part of the family, provide continuous help and assistance to the patient.

Formal caregivers assist the patient mainly in the most advanced phases of the disease when the tasks connected to the assistance increase becoming objectively too hard for the relative alone.

The assistance burden deriving from taking care of the relative starts since the early phases of the disease. The burden dangerously rises the stress levels (also increasing the physical and emotional fatigue, frustration, anxiety and preoccupation of the patient) representing one of the most important risk factors to develop such psychic symptoms as insomnia, depression or anxiety.

Our aim is that of not leaving the relative alone with such a disease, but accompanying them through all its phases as we are perfectly aware of the fact that dementia affects not only the patient, but the whole family.

The Dementia Counseling Course


The Dementia Counseling (DC) is a critical psycho-educational intervention in the treatment of a patient suffering from dementia.

You will learn innovative support techniques, scientifically proven, that will allow you to better manage the issues of a cognitive, behavioural and functional kind connected to your relative.


The course will allow you to:
know the disease better and understand its manifestations,
improve the relationship with the patient,
modify the approach to psycho-behavioural disorders,
improve the capacity to manage the most difficult situations connected to assistance,
improve the awareness of your limits,
reduce the stress connected to assistance,
improve your self-esteem and mood

The acquisition and the implementation of the right assistance strategies will ensure benefits also to the patient that will gradually decrease the behavioural and psychotic disorders, often improperly and heavily treated with drugs, but that actually represent the uneasiness of the patient towards an increasingly incomprehensible environment (meant as the surrounding stimuli as a whole).

The guidelines of the most important scientific companies dealing with dementia, consider non-pharmacological interventions, such as our course, a first therapeutic choice for the management of both patients and their psycho-behavioural symptoms.

We strictly follow this therapeutic approach because we think that the humanisation of the cure is the condicio sine qua non in the fight against dementia.

In all the phases of the disease we must always ensure a good quality of life and protect the freedom of the patients without forgetting, though, who takes care of them.

Leave your isolation

Choose among our proposals of individual or collective courses the best solution for you and your relative.

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