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MemoFit Professional

The MemoFit® Professional course, characterised by a very high technical/scientific profile, is addressed to and specific for those who have already passed the MemoFit®-Plus course and who want to increase their intellectual abilities for their personal growth being absolutely certain to reach such target.

Moreover, the course helps to implement socialisation and to make primary prevention in order to keep our brain healthy and protect us from dementia.

The courses will be held by Massimo Veneziano and/or by highly qualified specialists trained by TopMemory®.
The teaching materials will be fully provided for by TopMemory® Management.

You can either register on line or call our office at +39 0107776218


At our headquarters in Genoa, in Viale Brigata Bisagno, 2/38 or contacting the premises of those organisations requesting it.


The courses are organised periodically. Those about to start are highlighted on this site, Facebook, Instagram and on all other connected social media.


The classroom course consists in an introduction along with eight 1 hour and a half lessons on a weekly basis.


The MemoFit® Professional course is open to anyone, the only prerequisites for attendance being the cognitive integrity and the absence of serious sensorial


Every course includes an entry test that will give a picture of your cognitive conditionat the beginning of the class and a final test at the end of the course that will allow you to evaluate and appreciate the obtained improvements.


At the end of the course you will receive the attendance/passing grade diploma, a graphic panel of your performance, a book with a series of exercises and coupon for any service proposed by TopMemory®.


Theoretical – explanatory section:

  • rationale of the MFit® course (primary prevention, cognitive primary
    prevention, cognitive reserve),
  • the neuroplasticity principle
  • how the brain, memory and all the neurocognitive functions work
  • scientific updatings on how to keep your brain healthy
  • strategies to develop and maintain your intellectual potential
  • strategies to maintain the cognitive efficiency and effectiveness

Practical/operational section:

  • sensory stimulation exercises applied to mnesic performance
  • attention exercises (selective, alternated, continuous) with a variable
  • prolonged concentration exercises 2
  • exercises of mental reactivity and execution rapidity
  • complex classic mnemotechnique exercises
  • modern mnemotechnique exercises
  • exercises of applied active visualisation
  • exercises of logic-creative association with a low correlation
  • complex reasoning exercises
  • working memory exercises with a multiple complexity
  • applied programming and planning exercises
  • number of exercises +++++
  • exercises with an increasing difficulty (from premax to pro level)
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MemoFit® is the course that helps you improve your memory and cognitive
MemoFit® is scientifically tested and guaranteed. Through the training performed thanks to MemoFit® you can carry out a critical activity of cognitive prevention that helps you to fight dementia.