The value of memory

MemoFit Cognitive Stimulation

The evolution of dementia can be slowed down thanks to the cognitive stimulation courses MemoFit® (MFit® – CS)
Their efficiency was scientifically proven.

As the cognitive stimulation act at a neurogenic level, it represents a valid treatment to slow down the evolution of the disease.

All the courses, personally held by Doctor Massimo Veneziano or by specialised and trained colleagues belonging to his team, will follow an intervention scientific protocol (MFit®-SC) designed by Doctor Massimo Veneziano.


Hour headquarters in Genoa, in Viale Brigata Bisagno, 2/38.

For whom

Exclusively meant for people with a clinical diagnosis of suspect cognitive impairment (Mild Cognitive Impairment) or cognitive deterioration of the Alzheimer and/or vascular type in its initial phase (CDR Clinical Dementia Rating Scale= 1).

MemoFit®-CS Courses

  • improve memory and the other neuropsychological functions
  • maintain the residual cognitive abilities
  • maintain daily life abilities
  • improve the mood of both the patients and of their relative


Based on the reference scientific literature and to ensure a certain level of efficiency, .
the courses will have a minimum duration of:
SC-Mild level 8 months
Sc-Light level 10 months


And they are available as both group (maximum 4 people) and individual lessons.
In this latter case an intervention at the patient’s house is also envisaged.


Two MemoFit® – Cognitive Stimulation courses (organised based on the level of cognitive impairment) are available:

MemoFit®–SC Light: for individuals with a mild cognitive impairment (CDR = 1) both degenerative cortical amnestic (Alzheimer Disease AD) and vascular-subcortical (VD).

MemoFit®–SC Mild: for MCI patients both amnestic degenerative (aMCI) and vascular-subcortical (svMCI);

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MemoFit® is the course that helps you improve your memory and cognitive performance.

MemoFit® is scientifically tested and guaranteed. Through the training performed thanks to you can carry out a critical activity of cognitive prevention that helps fighting dementia.