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MemoFit Trainer

This course is addressed to those who want to join the Team TopMemory® and are looking for an innovative, enriching and stimulating job opportunity, to be performed on their own territory.
Candidates must have obtained a degree or acquired experience in the neurosciences sector and in the psychological field.

Two levels have been designed, each structured on two weekends during which theoretical and practical lessons will be delivered

Memofit® Trainer 1
Trainer qualification for the Basic, Advance and Master MemoFit® courses.
MemoFit® Trainer 2
Trainer qualification for the Plus and Professional MemoFit® course

The courses will be held by Massimo Veneziano and/or by highly qualified specialists trained by TopMemory®.
The teaching materials will be fully provided by TopMemory® Management.


At our headquarters in Genoa, inViale Brigata Bisagno, 2/38 or at premises of those organisations requesting it.


The courses are organised periodically Those about to start are highlighted on this site, Facebook, Instagram and on all other connected social media.


Two levels have been designed, each structured on two weekends.


The course is addressed to those candidates who obtained a degree or acquired experience in the neurosciences sector and in the psychological field..


The teacher will asses your conduct as a whole and you will be qualified, in case of positive outcome, for the practice of Memofit® courses.


At the end of the course you are supposed to take an exam to obtain: the passing grade diploma and a coupon for any service proposed by TopMemory®..

MemoFit Program Trainer 1

First weekend

Saturday 9.30/13 – 14.30/18

Theoretical bases of neurosciences:
1. Neurosciences
2. Basics of neuroanatomy
3. Basics of neuropsychology
4. Neurocognitive functions
5. Working of mnemonic and attention processes
6. Neuroplasticity principles

Sunday 9.30/13 – 14.30/18

Principles of group psychology:
1. Group dynamics
2. Group management
3. Management types (leadership: focus and intervention)

The MemoFit® courses (features, differences and methods):
1. Basic
2. Advanced
3. Master

Second weekend

Saturday 9.30/13 – 14.30/18

Guided practical exercises:
1. Basic course exercises
2. Advanced course exercises
3. Master course exercises

Sunday 9.30/13 – 14.30/18

Why becoming second level MemoFit® trainer
1. Importance
2. Affiliation
3. Perspectives
4. Mission

Final course exam and diploma.

MemoFit Program Trainer 2

First weekend – theory

Saturday 9.30/13 – 14.30/18

1. Basic of neuroanatomy
2. Neuron molecular biology
3. Basics of functional neuroanatomy
4. Applied neuropsychology  

Primary prevention
Cognitive Primary prevention

Neuroplasticity(theory and methods):
1. Reference model
2. Neurogenesis and cognition
3. Neurogenesis and memorisation processes

Sunday 9.30/13 – 14.30/18

Group psychology:
1. Dynamics of performance groups
2. The management of young and competent groups (problems and features)
3. Types of management with high functioning group (leadership, strategies, organisation).

The MemoFit® courses (scientific rationale):
1. PLUS – primary and secondary features
2. PROFESSIONAL – primary and secondary features
3. PRO STUDENT – primary and secondary features

Second weekend – practice

Sabato, ore 9.30/13 – 14.30/18

1. Plus
2. Professional
3. PRO Students

Saturday 9.30/13 – 14.30/18

1. Final course exam
2. Final assessment and qualification
3. Diploma award
4. End of the course greetings

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MemoFit® is the course that helps you improve your memory and cognitive performance.

MemoFit® is scientifically tested and guaranteed. Through the training performed thanks to MemoFit® you can carry out a critical activity of cognitive prevention that helps to fight dementia