A fascinating and sophisticated instrument that can be improved

Memory and Science

Memory is the product of a highly complex activity of our brain. Thanks to this cognitive function we can record, keep information in its unlimited deposit and recollect it when needed.

Memory is a fascinating and sophisticated learning system that can be highly improved over our whole life.

Memory has always been a subject of scientific studies, unlike memorisation techniques that have raised less interest and have been completely abandoned over the centuries. Actually, mnemotechniques are still extraordinary contemporary and, above all, highly effective.


Memory is that cognitive process of our brain that allows to code, store and recover some specific piece of information.

Memory is that cognitive process of our brain that allows to code, store and recover some specific piece of information.

In this site you can take a test for free to evaluate your level of mnemonic efficiency, you will find useful information and updatings on the most current researches concerning memory, advice on how a memory deficiency can be diagnosed, how it is dealt with and strengthen.

You will find scientific papers, news and novelties coming directly from the most important meetings and scientific congresses held in Italy and all over the world.

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Ars memoriae, the study of memory

Memory, or better the ability to memorise in an efficient way, may be also considered as a form of art. An art created by Greeks that was then passed to Rome and influenced the most recent western scientific-philosophical tradition.

According to Plutarc, the founder of the art of memory was Simonides of Ceos (556-468 BC). He discovered that the ability to think through images, typical of the art of poetry and painting, could be also applied to memory.

This is how the mental visualisation technique was born. The most powerful mnemotechnique able to improve the recalling capacity. 

Aristotle certainly knew the ars memoriae. In fact, in his “De Anima” he cleverly understood how imagination was the connecting bridge between perception and thought and how mental associations play a critical role in the ability to remember.

However, the art of memory reached its maximum splendour thanks to the drive given by Neoplatonists during the Renaissance. These heights of fame were reached thanks to the remarkable studies carried out by Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, Giulio Camillo with his “Theatre of Memory”, the fundamental works of Giordano Bruno, until Matteo Ricci and his “Palace of Memory”.

MemoFit Courses

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